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Traditional advertising methods like billboards, TV ads and print ads reach thousands of viewers, but only a small percentage of these viewers make up your target audience. Why spend your marketing budget on an uninterested audience, when you could be closing leads who are already looking for your services?
One of the most common activities for all internet users is using search engines to find information or services. Without an optimized website, you are losing potential leads when a client looking for an attorney in your area only finds your competition. Get on the first page of searches, and let your website do the work for you.
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Quality law firm websites that are affordable.

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"Quality" and "affordable" are two words not often seen together. Our experience in building and designing websites offers our clients the opportunity to have the highest quality, search-engine friendly websites with personalized service. Our low overhead and specialized services allow us to offer websites at an affordable price. Many larger marketing firms have high overhead and often depend on their web services to support less profitable areas of their businesses. We only do web design & search engine optimization; we do it well, and we do it fast. Average delivery time for website completion is 30 days; that's twice as fast as FindLaw and three times faster than LexisNexis.

Exclusive Market Data & Research

Believe it or not, most big legal marketing firms won't tell you if your marketing plan is working. At Sequoia, we can track your website users' behavior; including the search terms users are really using, the pages they view, and which search terms result in leads. We gather and analyze data to determine legal search trends, cost per conversion, and forecast expected leads. Click here to learn more about the research behind our marketing.

A Satisfied Client..

I am a real estate attorney in Los Angeles, CA with a major internet advertising budget. I had a custom website for many years but ran into significant issues with their design, responsiveness, lack of guidance on SEO and Pay Per Click, billing, and reliability. When I found Sequoia Legal Marketing, I immediately made the switch. It was the best thing I have ever done for my internet campaign. My costs to operate the web site immediately dropped by over $1,000.00 per month. When I want to update my site I just call my SEO specialist and it gets done right away. They have improved my website, helped me make significant additions to it, and guided me on my Pay Per Click advertising, making it more cost efficient. I would enthusiastically recommend Sequoia Legal Marketing to any real estate attorney interested in attracting new clients through the internet.

- Mark Stein, Esq.