Attorney Advertising : Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC / CPC)

sequoia-adwordsPay per click advertising is a way to quickly reach the front page of Yahoo or Google. “Pay-per-click” is just what it sounds like; you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. The amount you pay is bid-based; the more you are willing to pay, the higher your ad will rank on the page. These ads only appear on search engines for as long as you’re willing to keep running the ads.

Pay-per-click adverting has recently become so competitive that it is no longer cost effective for many attorneys. If you are running an Adwords or other PPC campaign at this time, consider what you are actually paying per lead; our research finds that most PPC leads are 2 – 10 times more costly than a lead from SEO.

One Long Island divorce attorney with a PPC campaign managed by a large marketing firm was found to be paying over $550 per actual lead (NOT click-through), while his SEO campaign found him more leads and at an average cost of only $49/per lead.

However, in instances where your practice is very targeted or specific, PPC may actually result in cheaper leads. If you currently running a PPC campaign on your own or with another marketing firm, please contact us about helping you determine your actual “cost per lead.

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