Internet Marketing 101 : Understanding Search Engines

Before looking at the components of search engine optimization, its helpful to understand the components of search engines. Google, Yahoo and MSN have similar layouts composed of paid advertising, natural search results, and local results.

Natural, or “organic” search results, seen below, are comprised of results that the search engine’s algorithm has deemed most relevant to a users search. No third party companies have any kind of special relationship with Google, Yahoo or MSN to influence these results. The only way a legitimate internet marketing company can improve your ranking in search engines is to follow the guidelines set forth by these companies, which are available to the public.


Paid advertising, seen highlighted below, is called “PPC” , or Pay-Per-Click.  An advertiser will bid a certain dollar amount, charged only when a user clicks on the advertisers ad. Bid amounts start as low as $.05 and currently range up to over $50 per click. Advertisers who are vying for the same keywords will be listed in order of highest to lowest bid.


Local results occur only during some searches where the search engine ‘thinks’ your looking for a business or service in your area. Below you can see an example of one of Sequoia Legal Marketing’s SEO clients as the first listing in local results, which are displayed above natural and below paid results.


Internet marketing can refer to paid advertising and SEO. Paid advertising and PPC is not included in SEO, but it is a service we offer.

Search engine optimization aims to improve your natural / organic search results, and Sequoia Legal Marketing also includes optimizing for local results when an attorney signs up for our SEO services.

Internet Marketing 101 :