Law Firm Websites

Some legal marketing firms, like LexisNexis and Findlaw, retain rights to your domain name, content, and website code. This means that they own your website, and you lease it. At Sequoia Legal Marketing, Each client owns their law firm website and can host it on any server of their choice.

Why every lawyer needs a website from Sequoia Legal Marketing

The SEO specialists at SLM set standard requirements for each and every website we design to meet strict criteria in order to make our websites the most SEO-optimized law firm websites available. Layouts are optimized for usability and easy navigation, and every website with an SEO plan will be revised as needed to improve user experience and reduce bounce rate (Bounce rate is the rate at which traffic to your site that immediately leaves before viewing other pages on your website). Specifically, we have the following requirements for SEO enhancement;

  • Validated CSS layouts
  • H1& H2 tags
  • Meta Data (keywords, descriptions, and title tags).
  • Alt and title tags for all images
  • All navigation in HTML for easy indexing
  • Sitewide attorney zip code, location info, and area code for easy search engine identification
  • Professionally written, search engine optimized content with embedded keywords and anchor text

Professional Graphic Design and Layouts

The visual appeal of an attorney website can be a large part of a law firm's image and the create a first impression to potential clients. A website that is difficult to navigate, hard to read or forces users to do more work than necessary to find the information they are looking for can send clients right to your competition. Our graphic designers create layouts that are visually appealing and easy to navigate. Key points to keep in mind when designing layouts for lawyers websites are;

  • Place navigation at the top or left side where viewers will expect it.
  • NEVER use splash pages - they add one more barrier to getting the client to call you.
  • Headers should be limited in height; content should be above the fold.
  • All pages should be linked to sitewide, via main navigation or sub-navigation if necessary.
  • Studies consistently show light backgrounds are easier to view for longer periods of time.
  • Use black, blue, grey or dark text against a light background for easy reading.
  • Chose colors that appeal to all audiences, and are appropriate for law firms.
  • Homepage content should have a 'lead in' to encourage viewers to view more pages of your website - preferrably above the fold.

We suggest for more information on usability and testing for websites.


While each of our law firm websites are customized to fit each client’s needs, all of our websites include;

» Search engine friendly coding (PHP & CSS)

» Custom design, with unlimited revisions

» Admin system for client to edit / add unlimited pages

» Professionally written content

» Integration with Google & Yahoo analytics for tracking leads

» Basic on-site SEO, including meta tags & more

» Easily embed your own video or videos we create for you

» NO monthly management fees

We offer additional features to enhance your website including law firm videos, Spanish language translations and blogs.