Legal Marketing Research

Studying trends and keeping abreast of actual search engine user’s behavior gives our clients an edge when deciding how to best take advantage of their marketing budget. Some of the research and surveys we have conducted are presented for public viewing, however, you may not reproduce this content without Sequoia Legal Marketing’s permission.

In addition to the above research & studies, we can also track and report data for each individual client.
Such research includes:

  • Tracking search phrases & report on the users that convert to leads. This allows us to better understand what kind of searches (and search terms) convert to clients.
  • Tracking your website users and their behavior to determine which pages & topics are most popular. This helps us improve your website and conversion rate, and turn more website visitors into leads. On-page analytics include heatmaps, showing where users hover and click; how long they hesitate before clicking; how far they scroll down the page, and much more. Tracking and reporting this data will give us a better idea of how people interact with your website.
  • Each SEO client receives a monthly report detailing email submission forms and phone call leads. When available, tracking data will correspond to each lead. With your firm’s assistance, we can track the leads generated by internet marketing to determine how many of the leads result in actual client conversions, thus assigning a dollar value to each internet marketing lead


Legal Marketing Research :